Maybe you want to finally make the team. Maybe you want to score your first triple double. Or, perhaps you have a dream of someday going pro. There’s always more you can be doing to get there—to achieve better. That’s why we’re here. By working closely with area athletes, parents and coaches, we pinpoint what’s holding you back and develop a plan that’s specific to your body, your goals and your dreams.

Are you taking everything into account?
It’s not enough to be bigger, stronger, faster. Athletes need the right combination of performance attributes. To get there, a training program must recognize the big picture, and see how one area of the body is affecting the next. At Shoreline Sport & Spine we take a comprehensive approach to performance, eliminating individual limitations, and creating a far more balanced and successful athlete. Best of all, our custom Integrated Movement Solutions approach to tuning provides you with the one thing other programs don’t: continual evaluation. That way, we can accelerate your achievement and take you further than you thought possible.

Core Performance Attributes

You can always be faster. You can always shorten your closing time. So don’t hold back. Get where you need to be that much quicker with our proven training and tuning methods.

Maybe you can change direction on a dime. But can you do it with control? A nimble athlete will always have an edge on the competition. Get that edge. See how our experts can give you the elusiveness you need to win.

Do you pour it on when it matters most, or does your body fail? Rather than guessing at how to build up your strength, actually improve upon it with our scientific approach to training. Because gym strength isn’t enough anymore. Achieve competition strength, and dominate the game.

How long can you hold out? Often it’s the difference between winning and a long ride home. Give your body every chance to succeed when others fail. And there’s no question, our experts at Shoreline Sport & Spine can build up reserves you never knew you had. Because you can’t win if you can’t finish.

Though often overlooked by other performance therapists and trainers, balance is pivotal to better performance. After all, there’s no point in having power, speed, or even coordination if you’re not balanced and under control. Our approach to balance dramatically improves your resiliency, allowing the rest of your performance attributes to shine.

A coordinated attack will always be your most effective option. That’s because your body needs to work in harmony in order to achieve peak performance. With Shoreline Sport & Spine our experts tune your body, and guide you to a new level of skill —one that defines the world’s best athletes.

How explosive is your game? How unstoppable? No matter your answer, it’s hard to have too much raw power. Tap explosive power through our proven approach. And achieve a new level of dominance.

The difference between winning often comes down to hundredths of a second. Are you looking to shorten you reaction time? Do you want to respond definitively? Quicker reflexes could be a huge advantage. And we can help. Train using our proven methods and strike first, every time.

Our bodies are remarkably interconnected. So why are so many practices ignoring this essential fact? Our proven IMS approach to restoring you to complete comfort and function is based on it. We evaluate not only the pain you’re feeling, but also everything related to your source of pain. We pinpoint solutions within the complex relationship of the body’s many moving parts. This is very different than traditional physical therapy services that solve only for the immediate pain you’re feeling through a battery of one-size-fit-all exercises. At Shoreline Sport & Spine we go deeper. We work with your unique anatomy to bring lasting results, faster.

Want to get back to doing the things you love?
Click on the injury or impairment that’s holding you back and discover how our experts can achieve dramatic results, and do so far more quickly than you might have thought.