Run faster, throw farther, and jump higher.

When the entire body works together, you get improved performance with decreased injuries. The S3 Sports Performance Institute offered by Shoreline Sport & Spine is based on three fundamentals: Function, Form and Fun.

Functional training reinforces the coordinated movements of the desired activity and provides a complete, demanding, and realistic workout.

If we can change and enhance the form, we can change and enhance performance.

We work with you evaluating, encouraging, and tweaking your environment to allow for greater successes on the way to improved function and performance. And what is more fun than success and improvement?

This program is unlike any sport specific training program offered in our area. It is open to everyone who wants to improve his or her fitness and performance either on the playing field or in the activities of everyday life.

We continually place our clients within the context of their goal behaviors and movements. S3 Sports Performance Training programs are designed with the end function in mind.

When reactive skill is blended together with mobility, flexibility, strength, power, stability, and fitness, we build athleticism. SPI programs address each level of athleticism, building the athlete from the ground up.

Shoreline Sport & Spine offers individual training, team training, speed/reaction and strength/power development training. Programs can be sport specific or non-specific.

Click the link below to download our Sports Performance Institute brochure with pricing information or contact us today to start an individual or team program. Call 616.847.1280 or email