Get Better

Breakthrough Athlete Programs


You are a unique athlete possessing your own strengths, skills, abilities, and vulnerabilities. At Shoreline Sport & Spine, we help you understand your individual thresholds, and push you to make physical breakthroughs through our expert instruction, testing, and training progressions.

By focusing on the true potential of our athletes, rather than an unattainable standard, we are able to create a movement program that builds upon, and challenges,your own unique skills and attributes. Our experience has shown that performance can only improve when mind, body, and spirit are challenged in a constantly changing and experiential environment.

Each of our sessions combines the following elements to create an informed, well-trained athlete:

The Lessons:
Athletes are taught about leadership, movement, their bodies, nutrition, and strategic preparation for competition. These lessons carry over into workouts and pre-season workouts.

The Trainings:
These competitive, challenge-style environments spark an athlete’s potential, while focusing on key movements and performance attributes.

The Tests:
At the start and end of each program, athletes are threshold-tested and assessed across eight physical attributes.

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