Get Better

Adult Momentum-Builder Training


We’re not a gym that emphasizes the latest facilities and equipment. We’re far more. That’s because we focus on you, your empowerment, and a plan for your health and performance.

We’re serious about making difference-making changes happen in your body. And that begins with a solid understanding of any medical issues, impairments or constraints you may have. We train intelligently, with purpose and efficiency.

Though we take our profession seriously, we take ourselves lightly. At S3, we emphasize a spirit of wellbeing, encouragement, motivation, and FUN.

We recognize the limitations of equipment-based exercise. Instead, we seek mastery of 3-dimensional movement under mass/momentum, gravity and ground reaction forces.

Variety is the spice of life, and the body’s best movement medicine. With it, we can realize greater resiliency, sustainability, and vitality. We’re happy to be your guide through a true fitness journey.

Partnership Program

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